Mostly photos

Church was uneventful other than Claire shrieking once during prayer requests.

The rest of the day we tagged along with Lynn.

Getting feed for the heifers
Lynn's fan club
Watching the heifers and new babies come in
See the bale of hay in the middle? That's also where they get fed and some minerals are left for them. I call this the "Cow Cafe".... Even though they are heifers..
Frolicking before they got in a rock fight

Then while the girls napped Lynn met the trucker to load up soybeans to haul to Alabama to sell.

The trucker said he would be there at 1pm. And by 1, he apparently meant 3pm. Which is progress, since earlier this week he was supposed to arrive at 9am and actually got there at 6pm. Gah.

Then we had more farm family togetherness.

Lynn, Caroline and a bull.
I made the kids stay in the feed troughs so I knew where they were, they wouldn't get hurt or fall in the mud

Can’t believe the weekend is already over. Have a good week friends.


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