Soccer Saturdays

It was a chilli morning for a soccer game.

Claire was all about being outside with a ball and running around.

Whatever it is, she's usually ready.

Caroline, not so much.

She wanted to trot around with her hands in her pockets.

Self preservation is important to this one.

So I hollared at her to take em out.

So she decided it was much too cold to do much more than a slow walk….but the preferred method was stand and observe.

Y'all just run. I will wait here.

When she had a break, she made sure her sitting towell was straight with no wrinkles, and her lap coat and bottle of sprite were aligned correctly.

You can see her kneeling and straightening her "soccer supplies" on the sidelines.

Towards the end, she did briefly break into a run.

I was lucky enough to catch this rare moment on camera.

She says she loves it though. And really, who cares if she scores a goal or blocks the other team.

Her sweet little mind is a mystery to me – and that is OK.

As long as my girls love each other, it’s all alright.

I love you sissy



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