Ladybug baths and Blue Angels

Caroline is obsessed with ladybugs.

Yesterday she had an argument with a friend at daycare because friend found one and wouldn’t give it to her.

Today, I caught her washing on in the bathroom sink with soap. It killed it. She cried. It was dramatic.

I only worked a little while this morning then took leave for fun stuff. After third-wheeling with Carolines class to the park field trip for lunch. Carolines lunch, not mine. (no pics because they all have other peoples kids in them…and they might not like that on a blog)

I picked up Lynns mom and went to a friend’s house. She lives on a hill next to the airport and was generous enough to let us enjoy her yard to watch them practice for the airshow tomorrow.

They did great for napless kids

I love the Blue Angels. I was born in Pensacola, so I guess that’s how people born here love the UT Vols. It’s the culture.

This is not the Blue Angels, but the smoke was cool
I love it when 4 fly together
I love it when 2 fly together
My favorite is when all 6 fly together

Anyway. I don’t fangirl over much. But this? I totally fangirl over.

Bad Mom Confession: I actually shushed my kids (long and complex) story (about a bug) so I could focus on watching the Blue Angels better.

Promise I’ll try to do better tomorrow!

Goodnight friends


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