Tomorrow is Monday.

Good news: I finally felt about 75% living today from the devil-virus and was able to be moderately productive. The kids seem fine, which is fantastic, but they are a bit rotten for having run amok since Wednesday.

Bad news: Lynn is feeling queasy now…and I’m on work assignment in Knoxville tomorrow if anything breaks loose.

If you asked me when I was a teen, I would have probably told you that I wanted in some part to be an “important person” and add meaning and purpose to peoples lives. I thought I would be important from the work that I did.

Turns out, I AM an important person..just it is to those I love and that I take care of. It looks like by being their person, they are giving ME a big meaning and purpose. If I lost my job tomorrow someone would do that stuff.

But raising these (wild) kids and being Lynns wife, I’m pretty indispensable.

Of course with the parenting gig, I realize I am working myself out of a job in the sense that these ratbabies won’t need me the same way they do now forever.

(At least I hope I don’t have to discipline them for biting each other like I did today or that they will spend part of their day streaking around outdoors twenty years from now…I HOPE)

But Lynn? Yeah. He’s gonna need me from here on out.

These baby feet are not so baby anymore. We girls watched movies on my tablet and stayed away from Lynn.

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