I killed my kids pet fish

Today I was cleaning and noticed the fish tank was turning green. Ew.

So I put the fish in containers and started emptying out the water and cleaning out the tank. I refilled it, and settled in the gravel. 

So I wouldn’t get the old gross water in with the clean water I poured the top off the jars with the fish into the sink. I got distracted for a minute and when I looked back there was a glimmer of pink flashing for half a second in the drain then it was gone. IT WAS CLAIRE’S FISH. No. 

The girls scampered into the kitchen to see why I was howling and I told them what happened. Then THEY started howling. 

“Not Pinkey!” Caroline looked horrified.

“Why you kill my only one Mommy??” Claire threw some guilt at me “I don’t have any now!”

(Claire had claimed ownership of that on particular fish. The rest belonged to Caroline)

I told Claire I was sorry and that we could go buy 3 fish right now. She reluctantly agreed and off we went to Walmart.

And hour and a half and 4 fish later we returned home to introduce the new fish to their new tank mates. 

Every Saturday needs a bit of drama right? Claire is ok, I’m ok, the fish…well it’s probably not ok.

She seems to recovered from her broken heart.

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