She works hard for the money

The girls got their first checks for working today.

Each girl was given an orphan bottle calf to feed. They (along with some help) fed the calves every day, from a bottle then from a bucket with a nipple until the calves were weaned from milk replacer (basically, cow baby-formula) and on hay, feed and then grass.

They loved it. The calves did not make cut of quality animals to retain for replacement animals,  so they were taken to the stockyard last week to sell. 

Caroline got to go see them sell. Claire isnt much on sitting in one place and letting Lynn think about things so she stayed behind.

Today they received their checks. Lynn went over how much the calves weighed and how much they brought per pound and showed them how he was subtracting the fee the stockyard charges to sell animals. 

First “paycheck” at the ripe old ages of 2 and 4. They are very aware that they earned it themselves by the work they did.

Next week I will take them to the bank so they can make a deposit in their savings accounts. 

I hope this lesson and future ones like it makes a positive impact on their future work ethic and money management skills. Can’t start too early learning how to support yourself.

Farm girls



2 thoughts on “She works hard for the money

  1. That is Awesome! Give, save spend. Only need 3 categories 😉 As a vereran Dave Ramsey student, I know there are plenty of kid friendly programs for visual aids. But a calf probably tops all of them!


    1. I need to help them out and let them spend a little and give a little. I’ve been a savings Natzi! Of course everything they’ve had up until this point was gift money, so that’s different, right?


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