Love your spouse challenge

We aren’t mushy people. I appreciate the thought of the love your spouse challenge,and we do love each other but … long stories of romance and affection just aren’t us. We may be totally unromantic. Or weird. But that is fine. We are weirdos together. 

That brings me to yesterday (Please don’t take me to the crazy house)

The cat snuck in the garage and threw up a hairball on the floor. Yuck.

I had to back the car out so the kids wouldn’t step in it when they loaded up for daycare/pre-K.

Then, my loving and adoring spouse called me a terrible, awful, I name while we were getting dressed.

He called me …. “SPOILED”. Can you believe it? Me?! Spoiled?! Sheesh.

He wouldn’t take it back either. I shook my finger, stomped my foot and gave him the stink eye and he wouldn’t relent. Know what he DID do? LAUGH. 


Got the girls loaded and buckled up for school then went to take care of the cats mess with a shovel since Lynn gags and retches when he sees bodily fluids. And I’d rather clean up one mess than two messes.

While I was looking for a place to dispose of it, I saw my opportunity. Lynn was out in the driveway hugging the kids goodbye for the day.

I snuck up behind him.

“Take it back!” I bellowed waving my shovel. (Like the delicate flower I am)

“No!” He yelped while jumping in my car and locking the doors.

Hmm. I didn’t expect that.

Luckily he had a busy day at the farm and knows how stubborn I am. Do or die trying.

I held the shovel and it’s contents up to the car window. “Take it back!” I gave him the meanest look I could manage while people we know were driving by the house honking and waving on their way to work and school (Finally they have proof that Lynn’s wife IS indeed crazy) 

“I got all day” I tried to look as serious as possible.

Lynn looked out the window at the shovel and retched and looked away. “I take it back”

Feeling mean I pushed it further “Say I’m not spoiled”

He wailed “You aren’t spoiled. Let me out!”.

I disposed of the mess, washed my hands and we went on our separate ways for the day. Being the mature woman I am, I took a little time to point and gloat for a minute before we left.

I got to work, and a few minutes later I get a text from my husband. “I love you spoiled wife “.


This isn’t over.


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