Terrible housekeepers

I had to use the bathroom this morning. I’ve started locking the door because SURELY these kids will be ok for 5 minutes in this baby proofed house without being supervised. Right?

This is how Claire was running.

This wild hooligan was sprinting up down the hall with a steak knife in one hand and a baby wipe in the other.

She got the knife out of the closed dishwasher.
We are supposed to go to the Zoo this morning after we do a bit of housework. After almost an hour of chasing the kids around trying unsuccessfully to get them to pick up a few things, my new strategy is “If Mama uses all her energy asking you to do things over and over, there will be no energy left for the Zoo”

I’ve given them until I drink my second cup of coffee to accomplish their specific tasks. Claire has to put her backpack on the shelf, Caroline has to pick up the crayons in her room. I’m even stalling by piddling on my phone. 

We shall see. It’s looking like it may be a Monday at home. 


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