Home Again – and of course my daughter threw a fit

Just got home from a quick two day work trip.

It was just overnight. Still – I was eager to see the girls. (Lynn is at a meeting, so I can’t say I was excited to see him BECAUSE I haven’t seen him yet!)

I hurried over to my in-laws to get them. (Thanks in-laws for helping out!!)

I got a hug from Caroline and I promised her we could finish a movie if she hurried right home. Claire was very nonchalant about my arrival. She didn’t even look up from her pringles. Little punk.

After quite a while of coercing (in which I was getting frustrated, and a bit miffed that my presence wasn’t exciting the kids more) finally I had to make some firm statements (buffered by grandparents) to get the ratbabies in the car.

Once buckled in, Caroline began wailing that she “wanted to stay with Papaawwww.”  And that “Mema was waaayyy more fun than Mama” 

Etc. Etc. Etc.

When we got home she demanded I start the movie for her, and was taken aback when I told her since she wouldn’t come on home and since she threw a fit we no longer had time to watch it. 

Much drama ensued. 

While Caroline was loudly “expressing her feelings”I asked Claire to put her dirty shirt in the clothes basket and she yelled “NO!”, She then giggled and said “Watch my booty!” While shaking her bare undiapered rear in my direction. (Another fight for a different day)

Finally I managed to scrub them, got their teeth brushed and put their little wild and/or overly emotional selves to bed.

Honestly – I didn’t address the issue beyond telling  Caroline she was hurting my feelings and making Claire wear clothes to do her “dance”. 

(Don’t be judgy. It’s been a really tiring month, and I need to regroup before I strategize)

I reflected on the situation while trying to muster enough energy to start on some laundry.

Y’all know what? I am so thankful they love their grandparents so much that they are not bothered when I have to be gone. (Grandparents who spoil them beyond rotten – as is a grandparents rightful … dare I say…duty?!) I felt the same exact way about my Mema, and I have a feeling that this is well and good and right.

I am happy these kids of mine aren’t worried that I am the only person that will love them. They are secure because they know without a doubt they are loved by quite a few people.

I’m relieved that Lynn does such a good job as a Dad that they don’t feel like life is out of whack when I’m working. 

I’m glad we are raising strong resilient daughters…it looks like they will need those traits in the world we are living in.

Thanks for reading friends. I think I’ve sufficiently unwound enough to wash some laundry and re-pack for the next adventure. *Sigh*


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