Day and night

The differences in the moods of my girls never ceases to amaze me. 

After Caroline’s awful fit Friday – she has been a very pleasant 4year old. Beyond some typical giggling and not always listening she has been great for me.

Typically she tries very hard for Lynn but makes me work to communicate with her.

Last night she put away her laundry, asked if she could help Claire and then TOOK IT UPON HERSELF to put away Lynn’s laundry. It’s a miracle folks.

This evening she kept asking me what she could do to help me…and thanked me for being “such a wonderful, beautiful mommy”. And colored me a picture of myself.

I love it. And at the risk of ruining a perfectly wonderful peaceful few days, I’m going to have to talk to her and make sure that she knows 

A. I appreciate very much her willingness to help me

B. I’m going to love her no matter what she does or doesn’t do. 

C. I love it when she is nice and-heres-a-bribe-to-keep-it-up… because (just keeping it real) I’m weak and my sanity has been needing a few days of reprieve from the constant challenges from a well rested 4year old…and I’ll do a lot of things to encourage it to continue.

Lest anyone worry my life is getting easy or something….Claire has been a happy, joyous, giggling wild maniac. 

For example: Tonight Claire pretended to hug me and then reached out and poked me IN THE EYE for fun. TWICE. I might have to wear a pirate eye patch now. 

These kids! I love them like crazy.

Goodnight friends.


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