Hot late summer

The calves are still being born. This calf is a day old here, it was hidden in the grass with Mama cow closely monitoring. The girls gently petted it a couple times, which made their day. They are so soft when they are new.

No matter where we go, Claire wants to wear a dress or a skirt. So most of the time we just let her. This means she has “town” dresses and “farm” dresses. But, not arguing with a stubborn 4year old diva over clothes makes my day better…and clothes are not worth stressing over to me.

The cows congregate in the shade with their calves and relax and chew their cud. It has been too hot to do much else in the heat of the day.

We’ve been having afternoon thundershowers almost every day. It’s too hot and muggy not to rain.

It’s a good way to raise a couple of little wild farm girls.


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