Jingle Bells

Claire is my youngest, the baby. It takes her a while to warm up and speak to you.

I hope that she is courageous enough to ask for what she needs, and mannerly enough to ask nicely. You never can tell what kids are going to do.

Tonight at her preschool Christmas performance I got some peace of mind.

To me the audience looked to be over 200 people. The preschool kids were singing carols accompanied by the adult hand bells. For the song “Jingle Bells” each kid was handed bells to shake. They had practiced with the bells. The bells were a big deal to the kids.

Somehow in the teeming mass of preschoolers Claire was left out.

I watched from the audience as she asked a couple times and went unheard. My momma instincts told me to run up there and save her…but there were people on either side of me on the pew.

The music started.

Her chin lifted and she stepped out front made eye contact with the music director with whom she was now toe-to-toe with.

Calmly, clearly above the intro music “Excuse me, I need bells please.”

The audience tittered. Her chin went up another notch – Claire is sensitive and can be intimidated by people laughing at her.

Someone on the side offered her bells from the extras.

She exited the stage, retrived her bells and returned quietly finds her place in time to sing and shake the bells.

She wasn’t rude, dramatic or hysterical. She was calm, polite and efficient.

I couldn’t have been prouder. My baby is growing up. I worry about my girls, hoping they will advocate for themselves. I hope I am teaching them how to be confident. It appears that either of them can give me a lesson or two on that matter.

Here is a short clip that (too bad!) started right after she left the stage. If anyone has the full thing I’d LOVE a copy.

Merry Christmas friends.


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