Two Week Notice.

I quit.

I quit my job.

My keys are turned in and it’s still not sunk in.

I’ve worked since age 12, (that first job I sold nightcrawlers dug out of the manure pile to the local store. A dozen for $1) and sometimes as many as 5 jobs at a time. (I worked too much and played too little in college)

I’ve been frantically managing time since the girls were born. Not having a spare minute to breathe is a bit soul crushing for me, and rushing the girls through every single thing we do takes some of the joy out of it. It will be a very welcome adjustment to not be constantly in a frenzy making sure everything was on schedule so everything can get done and everyone can get dropped off and picked up on time. Moms just make it work, and the logistics are exhausting.

I didn’t have a problem with my job. I enjoyed the work, love my 4-Hers and my volunteer leaders. It’s what I spent years in college and grad school in order to do.

But I have an opportunity during this season of life not have a traditional career, and since that means I can spend precious time with my family I’m jumping on it.

So I will be a stay-at-home mom. A farmers-wife and errand-runner. A part time calf feeder, grocery shopper, and fence builders assistant….and a mom who can finally make it to field trips and school performances.

I’m grateful, a tiny bit scared, but overall I’ve got a marvelous feeling of peace about it.

It is a bit daunting, learning to be the one who holds all four of our lives together. But I like a good challenge.

Happy New Year Friends!


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