Horse Show Saturdays

I worked this morning at our county 4-H horse show.
It was a smaller than usual crowd, but everyone was happy, efficient and worked hard. I enjoy watching the kids have good rides, reminds me if all the BAD show rides I had on my crazy mean horse growing up. Good times. (Word of wisdom: Life is too short to ride a bad horse)

I was impressed with the hard work the 4-H kids put in, but even more so impressed with all the volunteers that made the show happen. I didn’t hear an argument or complaint all day. If you think there is no good in the world, come to a youth event and watch those volunteering.

Claire has apparently been working on a special art project here lately. SURPRISE!
I didn’t even bother fussing at her this time. I’m tired people.

Such a rascal. I don't know what to so with her sometimes.

Lynn got me some mulch.

Plant sale plants in a new flowerbed.

I’m so excited. I love it when the yard is pretty. Happy plants in fresh soil or in mulch are oddly peaceful to me. I was so excited about the mulch that I lost track of time (I’m pretty time-blind anyway) and missed the Kentucky Derby.

Mulch is a girls best friend.

After their baths, I made the girls stay on the concrete to stay clean-ish. Since their secondhand Jeep was dying, they took turns driving and pushing. They make me laugh.

Have a great Mothers Day friends. Tell those influential women in your life you appreciate them!


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