No kids at the grocery store

I went to the store today withOUT the ratbabies.  It was quiet. It was peaceful. I could read my grocery-list in its entirety and not have to peel a small person off a merchandising display. It was lovely. Except Nobody told me ANY jokes. Nobody fought over who got to hold my hand. There was... Continue Reading →

Only moderately crazy.

Today I felt crazy. Even crazier than normal. For the past 4-5 days Claire has been belligerent.  Every single thing I have asked her has gone like this. Me- "Claire, would you rather take your frog (toy) to your room or put it on the shelf?" (Trying to trick her into thinking she had a... Continue Reading →

Hay Season

It's hay time on the farm. Typically they bale hay (which is a feed source for the cattle in the winter when the grass is dormant) twice, maybe three times a year if weather conditions are favorable. They do round bales meant for cattle which are easier to move with equipment and only a few... Continue Reading →

The whining tree

So - my Caroline has random freak-outs.Think if you are being held hostage, except instead of a gun the bad guy is screaming, kicking, growling and gnashing while making unreasonable demands..but you can't just "walk away from it"..and that's pretty much it. She can scream and fake cry for literally hours, until one of the... Continue Reading →

Soccer Saturdays

It was a chilli morning for a soccer game. Claire was all about being outside with a ball and running around. Caroline, not so much. She wanted to trot around with her hands in her pockets. So I hollared at her to take em out. So she decided it was much too cold to do... Continue Reading →

My kid ran away today

Claire was by my side while I talked to her teacher about a minor scrap she got into with a classmate today. (I need to teach her to never start a fight she can't win....JUST KIDDING) She yelled "get Sissy" and ran out the door. I looked over my shoulder to grab her lunchbox while... Continue Reading →

My 4-H kid

An 11year old in my 4-H club meeting and I had this conversation today when the 4-H officers were done leading the business meeting. Kid: "Ms Waters? Can I have your gavel?" Me: "No. Why do you want it?" Kid: "Because I'm going to court tomorrow" Me: "Court? How come?" Kid (Looking down): "I dunno"... Continue Reading →

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