A day at Biltmore.

Yesterday we had an entire change of pace from our typical life and toured Biltmore.

A dear friend of mine gave me tickets, and I’ve always wanted to go – I love green house flowers and landscaping. The girls are always up for an adventure with me. Lynn had to work so another friend went with me and drove. My car doesn’t have a DVD player in it, so the kids really enjoyed that her vehicle did.

It’s a two hour and 15 minute drive from our house so not too bad.

We packed snacks and lunches – which was good because there wasn’t really time for us to go to a restaurant…. although we did stop for ice cream on the way home.

One of the girls favorite exhibits was the historical posters of the dairy barn. The dairy is now a winery and we walked around the entrance and the underground storage.

I had made reservations to go through the house and got to skip the long lines.

They provide these scavenger hunt guides for kids and Caroline found all the items on the list

Claire and I listened to the audio-tour. My friend rented it for us, which I didn’t think to do. I’m so glad she did because it was interesting. I gave Caroline the cliff-notes version of the audio-tour and between that and her scavenger hunt she picked up quite a few facts.

Over 22,000 books and 250 rooms. The tour is like 38 rooms if my count was correct. I didn’t get a photo of the ceiling in the library which was really pretty art.

The girls were interested in the replica of the little girl clothes and the photos of the house dogs.

This room was called the Halloween room and the painting were very different than the rest of the house.

The girls “with” the Vanderbilts.

Bowling alley

There is a row of ladies dressing rooms (and men’s on the other side) before the pool and gym.

The pool – indoor and was heated water. This would be a good place for active children during a wet cold winter like we have had here

The kitchens were one of Claire’s favorites. There were several kitchens -this one is the main kitchen. I believe there were 25 servants that kept the house running.

The gardens and conservatory were my favorites. These are tulips and hyacinths. The tulips aren’t bloomed yet. The gardener said they plant new bulbs every year.

The living GREEN was so good for my soul after this long wet cold winter!

There is currently an orchid exhibit.

More green.

The girls touched and smelled their way through the conservatory.

Caroline looked at me and said “Why did they have this greenhouse?”

I told her maybe they enjoyed walking in it and relaxing.

She thought for a moment and said “Could they not relax in one of those 250 rooms in their HOUSE?”

They HAD to have a break to apply lipstick.

A lot of walking, this is about when they started to get tired.

Claire wanted her picture in front of “the castle”.

We had such a good day. The girls said it was “better than Dollywood” which is the measure they use to rank all leisure activities. And they sure slept well last night. It was a wonderful one-day vacation.


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