Spring fencing

It’s been too wet to spread fertilizer on the pastures and crop fields yet so the farmers have been fixing fences.

Us girls have been catching up with them in the afternoons some after we get our errands done.

Today it was a bit windy but gloriously sunny and warm enough I was comfortable in short sleeves.

This fence is electric and the flood waters were over it a few weeks ago. Debris needed to be cleaned off the wire so it would not get shorted out.

Then we moved on to a gate that needed to be hung. A friend called me to share some good news so Lynn and Caroline did it by themselves. Claire was laying on the ground pretending to sleep.

We were done with the planned repairs but a cow had shoved on a place where once a gate had been installed by a house that is no longer there.

The girls decided it was time to demonstrate their feats of strength. Caroline helped carry wire so Claire had to one-up her and pick up the largest stick she could find.

Then Lynn taught Caroline how the fence stretcher works.

It will take a few more lessons before she gets it.

Claire and I put up supplies. She decided that a bungee cord on the truck was good “exercise equipment”. This is seconds before she fell over and said “Well. THAT didn’t work out so well. Must have been a bad idea”

Tomorrow they will likely start spreading fertilizer. It will be nice to see the pastures and fields green up and grow fast..but the girls and I aren’t as helpful with that so there will be less time when we are all together until it’s done.

Thanks for reading!

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