The Adult

Between Three Waters

Some people delight in rules. They love following them, enforcing them, making up new ones. Anyone who knows me but I am not one of those people.

But Caroline is.

We are intrinsically different people. Learning to parent her as she needs to be parented might be my biggest challenge in life to date.

She loves to be early to things. She has been laying out clothes for me in the morning (against my wishes) so that I will “hurry up” and get her to school earlier. I got her to school 10 minutes ahead of when she absolutely had to be there yesterday…she got so excited she shook. In her mind school is a task to accomplish, and she loves tasks.

Last night I jokingly said I was going to take flying lessons.

C1. “Oh Mama. You can’t”

Me. “Why not?

C1. “What if you crashed and got hurt?”

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