It’s quieter than normal in my house. No one is arguing, no one is moving around.

Claire had a nasty stomach virus last night so I’m keeping the girls in quarantine. Caroline is a germaphobe like her daddy so she’s hiding in her room watching VHS tapes of old Disney movies I loved as a kid.

Claire is feeling needy today, probably from lack of sleep as much as anything. I’m slightly grouchy and that is definitely from a lack of sleep.

It’s overcast. Humid outside. The temperature dipped down last night so we slept with the windows open..it let the smells of Clorox, Pinesol and Lysol spray drift away. It now smells fresh in the house still even though the windows are now closed and the AC is on. I can hear the cicadas from where I am sprawled with the sickly girl on the couch.

These days aren’t exciting like some of our Saturdays. We were going to ride horses today, but it seems prudent to remain near the modern convinces of home. Just in case.

These “home” days of minor illnesses aren’t fun, but I have a feeling that in 20 years or so I will miss some of the parts. Like the 4 year old that only wants her Mama. The 6-going-on-45 year old softly singing songs from the Lion King. Having my little chickens still and at home. Nobody running. Nobody fighting. No plans to accomplish except take care of each other.

Have a good weekend friends. If you don’t mind, please say a prayer for us.


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