Kind-of Family picnic

May was a whirlwind.

I worked quite a bit extra to get things wrapped up in the 4-H world for the end of the year.

Lynn has worked non-stop between rain showers and hasn’t let up the pace yet. He comes home exhausted, eats dinner, showers and collapses until it’s time to wake up and start again. I don’t know how he keeps going. Probably because he’s stubborn. 

They have finished planting corn, and working on planting soybeans and baling/hauling in hay. The girls and I thought Lynn would be especially late tonight, so we brought fast food to the field after I got off work. 

Naturally the girls were “starving to death”…and since waiting on a farmer is unpredictable we went ahead and ate before our french fries got cold. 

Claire has a bit of a fever and wanted to go straight home (I took the to the Dr to check her ears for infection….the verdict was a virus) but Caroline wanted to ride the tractor to the barn and come home with Lynn. 

When we got home, Claire quietly opened some Snow Cone syrup I bought and poured it in a cup like a drink and sipped the thick stuff like a drink…yuck. 

Caroline came home feeling grown-up and special and like a “real farmer”. Oh, to be 5years old. 

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