It’s a beautiful life.

While Lynn has been farming like crazy, I’ve had a chance to spend extra time with the girls. 

They are infinitely easier for me to manage this year as compared to last. I loved the snuggly baby stage, but I think my overall personality is better suited for parenting kids rather than babies.

They are mischevious, stubborn and sweet. They tell jokes, and laugh at mine. We laugh out loud every day. Since I work outside the home I rarely want a break from being with them when I’m off. 

Being that they are three and five obviously there are a few behavioral things we are working on, and we have personality clashes but as a general rule parenting is fun. (It’s also hard and exhausting and messy…but the love and laughter outweigh the hard things)

I’m in a very thankful spot right now. (Which I’m sure will change and I’ll be a gripey mess in no time.)

Lynn even brought me my favorite takeout for dinner tonight – Mexican. 

It is not perfect, but it’s a beautiful life.

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