Mourning Dove Therapy

Sunday afternoon, Caroline and I saddled our horses for some slow, laid-back riding. 

It is the best time for conversations.

While our horses eased their way down a dried-out muddy hill, we heard the call of a Mourning Dove.

Caroline, who is really into nature and animals right now looked at me “Mama! Did you hear that? Why is an OWL out in the daytime!”

Me “Baby. That was a Mourning Dove”

Caroline “But….It’s not MORNING”

Me “Well no. But Mourning in this case is spelled differently and means something different”

Caroline “What does it mean?”

Me (so much for relaxing, gotta engage the ole brain now) “To Mourn is to suffer a great loss, like if someone you love at lot dies, and you will be sad for a long time”

Caroline thought about that. “Mama. Have you ever mourned?”

Me “Yes Honey. When your Grand-Mema died, I mourned. I am still sad about it sometimes” (more than sometimes) 

Caroline said gently and oh so sweetly “Mama. I remember her and when she died. It made me sad. But, we still have her picture. And when we die, we will see her in Heaven.” 

Me (my throat was feeling pretty tight by this point) “Yes, you are right”.

Caroline, confidently continued “Even though we won’t see her again here, we will see her in Heaven. And in Heaven we will all be healthy and happy. And we will have a big reunion! We will see her, and anyone else we know that has already gone to Heaven to see Jesus! Won’t it be fun?”

All I could do was nod and try to smile…feeling thankful for my dark sunglasses and this wise old soul of a 5 year old that has been somehow entrusted​ to me to raise.

The issue in her head completely settled, Caroline turned around and grinned at me. “Hey Mama! Watch me trot up this hill!” 

Oh, my heart. 

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