When your parents are a 4-H lady and a farmer

Today was our County 4-H Horse Show. The expected high was 91 degrees. I don’t know it it reached it …but it certainly felt like it did.

Also, it was a day when the conditions were finally right for Lynn to plant corn. 

Since being trapped in a tractor cab until dark-thirty tonight didn’t sound appealing to the girls  – they came with me. And beyond some normal kid behavior (and excessive snacking – MAN those kids can eat) they were great. EVEN past their naptime. It was hot, and we got a little too much sun – but zero complaints in that department.

In appreciation for good behavior- I bought them a shaved ice from a food truck on the way home and spent their naptime getting the stock tank ready for swimming. 

The great thing about this little setup is that I had time to clean it out, hook up the pump, plop a chlorine tab in the floating “chlorine duck”, have it mostly filled with water AND a little extra time to put my feet up and drink a nice tall ice water before they woke up.

They woke up estatic about “swimming”, and streaked down the hall into their rooms to dig out swimsuits. Then it was out to the backyard for Caroline to fling herself into the cold water. Claire took a slower approach.

It’s been a good day – I’m glad I got to spend it with the girls.

Have a good Sunday friends.

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