My New Year’s Revelation

*This is mostly about me *

I was scrolling a social media app looking at all the photos of “health” stuff that popped up.

“Do this exercise for 60 days for a trim new you!”

“Superfood shake guaranteed to trim inches off your waist”

The girls were giggling over some new game they invented with a doll and a matchbox car. I stopped scrolling to watch their beautiful, healthy selves breathless with play and laughter. 

My eyes were drawn back to my phone, and the photos of the smiling, sweaty people on exercise bikes.

“Achieve happiness and fit in those skinny jeans by eating these two fruits”

And suddenly I realized what has taken me 36 years to get through my thick head. 

Our consumerist society has conditioned us that we need MORE to be happy. 

In my particular case, as a gal who has landed on the “stout and strong” end of the spectrum rather than the enviable”thin and willowy”end I’ve allowed myself to believe that life is better for the slimmer folks.  I’ve believed I need more exercise gadgets, more new diets and more deprivation to achieve happiness. 

I dont.

(Of course many of my slim-down efforts were half hearted… Because why try too hard if it’s not going to end in perfection)

I don’t believe I was created to make my focus my appearance.

I don’t believe that all my body needs is a certain expensive manufactured supplement to reach perfect condition. 

I don’t think that checking my Fitbit multiple times every day during my walks and not meeting my 10,000 step goal 75% of the time makes me a bad person, a bad friend, a bad mother.

So here’s my hope for my 2017 health. 

I want to mostly eat things that make me feel good.

I want to enjoy movement. Exercise gives me energy to have more fun with the girls, and get more done on my to do list for work, and for my family.

Most important – I want to set a good example for my girls. 

Finding something to dislike about myself has been a  warped tradition of sorts January 1st every year. Examples are “Do more sit ups” “Eat less carbs”. 

So this year my New Year Resolution is to quit striving with myself.There are better things that need my attention than nit-picking at myself.

I am going to eat good healthy food. And probably some not-so-healthy food. Enjoy moving, teach the girls to enjoy exercise. 

I am going to teach them that they can cook, they can clean…They can also ride horses and use tools to fix things. That feeling beautiful and fabulous is fun, getting dirty to get things accomplished is fun too. That the only one that loves them more than their mama is Jesus.

And so we begin. By taking a walk (them on their bikes) with no step counter. Laughing, talking, moving and enjoying each other’s company.

Happy New Year to you.

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4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Revelation

  1. so well said – happy, healthy, meaningful, and joyful new year


    1. Happy New Year to You as well! I’m glad you got so much accomplished on your stay at in!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Staycation. Silly autocorrect


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