Cold, windy day.

Last week two first time Mama cows and their newborn calves were moved to the home farm for assistance getting the hang of nursing. 

As they are now thriving, and yesterday it was time to move them back to where the other heifers and their calves are. Since this calf didn’t particularly want to get on the trailer, they had to help guide him.

Claire has had a cough and fever caused by an ear infection and I’ve had a bit of a fever as well so we stayed home from church this morning.

Sisters in the tractor buddy seat

Learning to drive. Shes pretty terrible at it.

This is the calf from the video. They checked it out carefully and all is well.

Claire is getting braver

Work baby work

This is a different cow/calf pair. This calf has had scours (calf diarrhea) but it is doing much better now. The Veterinarian that was out yesterday said it is probably caused by a selenium deficiency because soils in our area are naturally low in it. He suggested to give new calves a dose of a mineral mix in their first 24 hours of life to keep them heathy
This cow was interested in our activity

Lynn went to go check on two heifers that did not come in. They had brand new babies this morning, and he have them a little vitamin/mineral mix in their mouth. Since it was spitting snow and very windy the girls and I found shelter in the old milk parlor and the shop

Exploring the old milk parlor

Its kind of sad to see all the equipment lay there unused
Cleaning towels were used…and the boxes are still hanging
Caroline found a wooly worm. There is an old-wives tale that says these little guys can predict the weather. The way I read it is winter is supposed to start out cold and wind up warm. I am ok with that.
Fun times.
Then we moved to the shop to explore there. The girls climbed all over everything
The lawn mower used to mow around the barns to keep it looking neat
These girls! So worn out they took a three-hour nap today

Have a great week friends.

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