Picnic and the poor cat

Joined my "old" friend and her kids for a picnic and frolicking at Metcalf bottoms. We walked. We looked. We walked some more. We snacked. The kids wallered in the creek. Then the kids slept. (I know the chest clip is low. She was trying to escape and pulled it down) This afternoon after a... Continue Reading →

Love these girls

I love em. Love spending my days with them...its easier to be a better, kinder, more patient parent on these days I don't have to work. Wish it didn't have to end! Great day.

Kids eat gross stuff

With the time change we overslept and woke up as church was starting. Oops. Cows needed feeding and groceries needed getting so we divided and conquered. Lynn took Caroline yo the farm and I took my brain-twin Claire to the store. Oh my. I had forgotten. Taking one kid is SO MUCH EASIER... Almost what... Continue Reading →

Painting and picking up.

The girls are giddy with the freedom of spring break. And by giddy, I mean wild and raucous. So we mostly stayed home today. They painted some, while I drank coffee and sat on the back porch. Tried to clean the house, but none of us were very motivated...so that didn't go well. We kidnapped... Continue Reading →

It’s Spring break

We won't be pulling any wild college student spring break stunts,and we won't be going on any trips. Still I have a feeling we will have plenty of excitement. I took leave to hang out with the kids - I'm thrilled, I do love being with then. We are going to do some art projects...... Continue Reading →

Something very funny

Caroline: "Say something very funny Claire" Claire: "sumtingberry phunny" Both kids: ear piercing shrieks of laughter that left them gasping for breath and rolling on the floor. These kids and their strange inside jokes.

Pony time

Claire asked to sit on the pony and the horse today. First time she's asked to touch them. She might make a horse person yet. I love these sweet, wild, crazy girls.

At the grocery store

Stopped by the store because the kids drank all the milk. I had a coupon for a birthday cake that came (quite belatedly) for Claire's birthday. But, cakes cake. Caroline laid on the floor and wailed because "why is Claire always the special one" after I explained to her that we would all eat it... Continue Reading →


Seeing the farmers (in our case, hubby and father-in-law) out spreading fertilizer brings me mixed emotions. On one hand...YAY, it's SPRING. On the other hand it is the start of their long spring hours, that leads to long summer hours, which leads to long fall harvest hours. Basically, I'll see Lynn while he is working... Continue Reading →

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