Seeing the farmers (in our case, hubby and father-in-law) out spreading fertilizer brings me mixed emotions. On one hand…YAY, it’s SPRING. On the other hand it is the start of their long spring hours, that leads to long summer hours, which leads to long fall harvest hours. Basically, I’ll see Lynn while he is working and after dark until fall.

We amused ourselves driving around on the 4-wheeler and waving at those still working

Still, spring brings hope. And I am an independent type of woman and I think it would bother me to not be able to do my own thing like I’ve grown very accustomed to.


Plus dusk is my favorite time of day, so I don’t mind at all getting outside, in spring, at dusk. I don’t think the girls hate it either.

It's like taking a selfie with a couple wild animals
Peaceful dusk.

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