At the grocery store

Stopped by the store because the kids drank all the milk. I had a coupon for a birthday cake that came (quite belatedly) for Claire’s birthday. But, cakes cake.

Caroline laid on the floor and wailed because “why is Claire always the special one” after I explained to her that we would all eat it together.

Then at the checkout when I’m trying to pay I hear a scuffle and some screams behind me. It’s Caroline, dragging Claire backwards by a grimy little handful of hair.

I break up that and separate them and again they start squalling. Claire is the aggressor this time, trying to kick her sister in the face.

I’m looking into taking a “Girl Drama 101” class…anyone know of one?

At least the rascals are cute.

More broccoli peez.
I asked her to stop talking so I could take a pic. This is what I got.

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