Pinteresty weekend

I’ve been collecting things for “projects” for a while now. I like projects.

First to keep the girls busy.

They will paint until there is no more paint left.

And of course Easter eggs.

This is before the fight broke out. "Shee touched my egggg"

Project 1.

Magnetic makeup board. Sheet of metal stuck on the wall with command strips and hot glued magnets to the makeup. Easy Peasy.

Took 45 minutes tops, despite constant interruptions.

Project 2.

A hat bow holder for each girl. Thrift store frames, chicken wire and spray paint.

They are delighted. I'm glad they are no longer all over the bathroom counter.

Project 3.

Jewlrey wall hanger. Another thrifted picture frame, wooden  dowels, cup hooks, drawer pulls and a little paint. This was the hardest one, but still not hard, despite Claire’s best attempts to sabatoge…I mean help me.

I'm going to make sure the glue has cured a few days before I put more on it.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration friends.


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