After the rain 2/23/2019

Fences/pastures under water
Mud. But the grass is greening up
Fire Ants clumped up on the top of their waterlogged mounds. If the water gets high enough they float away in balls of clumped up ants.
You can barely see the top of this fencerow
All-black wooly worm the girls found
The girls enjoyed the outing. Claire refused to wear a coat and then got cold….so I caved and gave the punk my jacket.
The cows look on. They are a little scared of kids.
Mud, mud and more mud.
Lynn thought this was a good idea. I disagreed.
“Eh, we aren’t getting out of the truck or anything” (lies my farmer tells)
These two cow-calf pairs are fortunate in that they are in the barn where they won’t get rained on. It’s pure muck  on the end where the rain can get in the barn though.
This is the field where soybeans grow.
All that water? Supposed to be dry land
This tractor is a 1965.

2 thoughts on “After the rain 2/23/2019

  1. Love the pics. We are so sick of rain. 😩😂


    1. Thanks 🙂 We are too!!

      Liked by 1 person

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