The second week of homeschool was harder on ME.

Last week was pretty much OVERALL roses and sunshine.

This week started off strong…but by Wednesday we’d had a family emergency (that turned out ok) that proved disruptive. (FIELD TRIP to a…wait for it….an actual field. To feed bulls and check on some cows)

Thursday I took a beef to the processor and thus disrupted the morning routine again. And even though we did school work in the afternoon the kids were off schedule. And that’s never a positive for these kids. They are severely lacking in the lifeskill of flexibility.

Claire measuring garlic into the salsa we canned the first half of the week

So today, the third day in a row we again disrupted school this time to go to our Nature Study group…which is actually educational…but still we want to keep current on our bookwork.

Caroline at Nature Study.

By the time we got home, both girls were disgruntled by the disruption in their routines. So by the time we started on school work it was uphill going.

Claire decided that she might as well calm down and get it done so she could have a relaxing afternoon. So that part was good.

However, my headstrong Caroline had a different theory. I think her idea was if she drove me to insanity she would not have to work ever again.

On any other day this kid loves math. Today though, she hated it. Loathed it. With a passion. And while she declares she’s ready to move on to the next skill set, she’s not quite got this one down yet.

So between every math question there was a 15 minute tirade about parental cruelty. She spent some time (and by some, I mean quite a lot of time in several trips) at the whining tree. And FINALLY we trudged through it.

I WAS able to keep my calm and not yell or grouch or any of my usual go-to frustrated-mom things so that is a win. She apologized on her own with no prompting so that’s a win.

We had a discussion about if she wants to be homeschooled how she’s going to have to be NICE to the teacher. And if she can’t then she will have to go to her regular school. And I don’t care which but she needs to pick one. She insisted she wants to be homeschooled.

The kids are in bed (whew) and pretty much that means today is DONE for me. And tomorrow will be better. I’ve declared tomorrow a day that “learning is completely forbidden” and we will start back with our educational endeavors Monday.

Say a prayer for me friends! Have a good weekend.

Thanks for reading! ♥️♥️ Jessica


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