Due to snow in the forecast, school was cancelled Friday. No snow arrived, but schools were closed.

I took some leave from work and Caroline helped me clean the house. Claire opted to go to daycare which was open.

I asked Caroline to unload the dishwasher, and went to scrub down the bathroom.

From the next room I hear her laugh. She yelled “Guess what Mom?!”

Me “Whattttt?”

(Because at this point she had wanted me to check/praise her progress a minimum of 6 times already on the dish unloading. Which I had dutifully done. But my enthusiasm for praise was waning)

Caroline cackled “I’m a POT-HEAD”

She had my attention now. That’s not a phrase she should know.

I scurried into the kitchen and saw this…


She was talking about an actual POT on her HEAD….not making a reference to drug culture.

The innocence of children.

Have a good week friends.

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