Hot Date night

We did the town last Friday. It was a momentous occasion… because Lynn and I don’t GO places terribly often together. Pasture fields don’t count. Obviously.

The kids were at a sleepover at their grandparents and they chased us out the door.

We gleefully drove home. Jumped in our own showers and got all decked out in the fanciest clothes we’ve worn in a while. He wore jeans instead of Carhartts and I wore shorts that were NOT running shorts AND my “town flip-flops”so we were basically a dazzling sight to behold in our nearly-middle-aged-glory.

I turn 40 this year….does that mean I am middle aged? But I digress.

We got to my sweet mom-car and threw all the random kid clothes and their damp towels and their fancy waterbottles out of our seats from which lightly wafts the aromas of chicken feed, sour SOMETHING and feet…or maybe it’s the scent of those awful Doritos in the blue bag (y’all know the stinking chips I’m talking about). We were ready for the late-night-lights, for entertainment and excitement.

Our first stop of the evening was Lowe’s home improvement store where we looked at showers and toilets. Our biggest excitement this summer has consisted of planning all the ways how will we fix this bathroom as economically as possible. I made Lynn get in a couple of demo showers and, because he’s a good sport he did. He would not take off his shirt and pretend he was showering though, (he’s not THAT good of a sport) so we kept moving.

Our next order of business was to panic because the gas had been on empty quite a long time (this is MY car. I take full responsibility. Lynn is a total and respectable adult.) After he had a good panic, intensified because I refused to stop at the closest gas station (because EW, I don’t like that one) and drove across town to my favorite station. I think Lynn enjoyed the emotional rush it gave him. Kind of like people enjoy being scared in haunted houses. (That was sarcasm. He did NOT enjoy it. Poor man. I’m probably responsible for at least 1/4 of the grey hairs he’s got)

Then I drove around aimlessly because we could not decide what we wanted to eat. He told me to pick. I refused. I told HIM to pick. Finally Lynn cracked (prolonged hunger will do that to you) and HE picked a restaurant. At this point it was WAS past when we are typically home (Woohoo! 8pm! We are young, wild and free!) So we just called it in and got takeout.

We ended our escapade by eating sushi rolls at our kitchen table and watching Netflix and actually chilling. Oh, and “slipping into something more comfortable” meant a nice stretched out baggy T and shorts with paint stains.

The fantastic part of our date night was we both loved it. Yes. I am speaking for him too. I get to do that now since we’ve spent a decade and a half being married.

We are not as good at spending one-on-one time to connect. (Heloooooooo interrupting kids) He works a lot. I’m busy doing this and that and neither of us slow down a lot.

So we will have to have to do this more often…and remember to hold hands more and slow down a little on occasion.

Thanks for reading friends!

♥️- Jessica

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3 thoughts on “Hot Date night

  1. Emily Wolfenbarger September 1, 2020 — 12:22 am

    The emotional rush of the gas light on while driving across town….I laughed til I cried! You guys are awesome


  2. Real. ♥️


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