Our first week of homeschool

Caroline is in 3rd grade and Claire is in 1st this year. Time flies!

We went ahead and started this past Monday so we can take some time off this fall if we get some of those beautiful crisp October days.

Claire was pretty peeved that she had to not watch TV all morning. Kid enjoys some cartoons. And not ONLY was she being deprived of her TV time but she had to LEARN on top of that! Such trying times for her 6year old self. It took us until about Wednesday to get over that hump and there were some tears and foot stomping until then. Once she realized she HAD to do her work before she could play then she got motivated. And by today she enjoyed it and asked to do extra reading for enjoyment. So that’s a success.

Caroline on the other hand is eager and excited to do anything that is remotely educational. She throws herself into it with a fierce determination which has led her to voluntarily do a 10 units of math a day because “How else am I going to learn how to do math for business, comeON Mom. Just let me learn it” Then she does her reading and is galloping through her grade level readers at a breakneck pace. Fortunately I’ve got a pretty substantial elementary library of books for her to choose from. Ah…a benefit of being a book hoarder. Caroline’s only angst this week was when I wasn’t ready to start in the mornings at her self-decided-time.

We finished off the week with a short hike with some other families. Both girls enjoyed it, and are a little put out that I’m making them take Saturdays off from book work!

At the Look Rock overlook.

So while 2020 has all-in-all pretty much been a bummer we HAVE had a good first week of learning at home. And for that I am thankful.

Thanks for reading friends!

♥️ Jessica


2 thoughts on “Our first week of homeschool

  1. This thrills me so!


  2. ♥️♥️♥️
    We are excited!


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