Family in a time of viruses

I stood in the drizzling rain today, slipping in the mud and realized how privileged I am.

I went to the grocery store this weekend and was able to afford groceries enough to last us a while. Many are not that fortunate. I don’t know how to remedy that. (I will say if you are my friend and experience hunger you are welcome at our table. It’s not fancy, but it will fill you up.)

Supplies notwithstanding, (my opinion is the supply chain will be back to normal before too long) what if the social distancing caused by this virus is an opportunity to focus more on our homes and immediate families? (I totally realize I have a bit of a pollyanna outlook on a lot of things…and this is for sure one on them)

But, instead of feeling pressured to help our kids achieve by say taking them to lessons and teams and events and birthday parties (I’m totally talking about me too as I totally haul a kid to lessons) we come home, cook some sort of good-enough-to-be-edible dinner (or any meal. Magic doesn’t just happen in the evening) together, sit down at the table and eat it together, clean up together, and entertain ourselves TOGETHER. (You know, since the sportsy things aren’t on TV)

Part of togetherness is driving each other nuts. Spending extended time with ONLY the people under your roof, is bound to grate some nerves. To be honest I will probably yell at some point. The kids will fight FOR SURE, and there will probably be some marital grouching. (Don’t pretend. Y’all spat too) I think we’ve got to make the best of a bad situation. And this pandemic is undoubtedly a bad, bad situation.

We are going to have to love, fight with, laugh with, hug, care for, argue with, eat with and generally hang out with our families. (or the people in your place of residence) We will have to have some honest conversations.

We can’t control the virus outside our actions and home. We can’t force people not to hoard great amounts of toilet paper or whatever. (I’m talking beyond getting supplies for your household) As I type this the CDC has reccomended that any gathering over 50 people be cancelled.

Sobering indeed. But as the Bible says so many times “fear not”. I’m going to (try to) not be afraid, and I’m going prepare to stay at home and on the farm as well as I am able. I’m going to wash my hands a lot and limit the families social activities as much as possible while this thing plays itself out.

Thanks for reading friends.

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