My planner

I no longer have a schedule of 6 to 8 meetings a day on top of family responsibilities.

I no longer have every single 15 minute segment of my day scheduled. (Hallalujah!)

It would seem, that with more time I could remember the things I need to do, the kids schedules and Lynn’s schedule. That’s a big fat NOPE.

Thanks to my worse-than-terrible working memory I forget things if I don’t refer to my planner several times every day. (I also set alarms on my smartphone for things that happen daily.)

My planner is heavy and awkward. And I feel a bit silly lugging it around like I’m an overbooked executive (or, an overbooked 4-H lady as I was less than a year ago) instead of a stay-at-home-mom/farmers wife.

I’ve tried using a phone calendar. On the phone the events tend to move around to the wrong days and I’m either incredibly late or exceedingly early but never on time…there is the slightest possiblity it might be repeated user error.

I tried a PDA electronic calendar way back when that was a thing. It was a disaster.

I tried using a smaller, lighter less obtrusive paper planner so it wasn’t a giant ordeal of hauling the thing out of my humongous mom-purse with sucker wrappers and loose tic-tacs stuck to it before brushing it off and opening the sometimes-sticky pages.

I look like a marginally organized purse hoarder with all things in there plus the big heavy planner. I’d like a sleeker, more modern solution to my lack-of-remembering.



My brain has been fully immersed in this pen and paper system since 1999 when I first started carrying a planner everywhere I went.

This old dog isn’t up to new tricks. I’ve got to use what works. And what works is an archaic paper planner that has both monthly and weekly pages.

I might invest in a little red wagon to drag it around in though, it’s heavy in my purse.

Thank goodness for my planner!

This one I got from Michael’s. It’s okay because it was 40% off (and I love a good deal) and meets the basic requirements. Next time I want to go back to the pricier, but in my opinion sturdier and better quality Erin Condren brand.
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