Sad day

Growing up on a farm the kids are aquainted with both birth and death.

Sunday afternoon we had to make the decision to put down the girls sweet little pony, Poncho. He colicked, we got him to the vet to find it was grim news.

Poncho’s halter and lead rope laying on the truck floorboard.

The girls are sad but handling it okay.

I wish I could have shielded them from this but I can not. No matter what, death is inevitable and eventually it will touch their lives one way or another.

After a days worth of thought, Caroline told me “Jesus has a plan. It will all be okay”. I am comforted by her faith.

Poncho was advanced in age, and had an easy last few years. He was so good to my children, and I’m sure countless others before mine.

Happy trails Poncho pony.

Thanks for reading friends

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