All the GREEN! Spring is FINALLY here, and it seems that the world has sprung to life again.
This down tree made an excellent balance beam for the kids while we waited on Lynn.
See the milk “mustache” on this big calf? Spring grass increases milk production in the Mama cows. If I remember his tag number correctly he’s between 6-7 months old. Lynn could tell you the exact day of his birthday I’m sure.
Caroline opted to walk between the last two gates.
Rinsing mud off before hopping back in the truck.
This rented farm I think is so pretty.

Caroline checking the oil on the 4-wheeler. Claire complaining that she’s not getting to do it this time. Oh the things they fight over!

Claire running back to the barn. She wanted to see how fast she could go as compared to the 4-Wheeler. Lynn exaggerates their speed when he tells them how fast they are.

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