Saturday fence fixing

We spent all day helping on the farm today. The girls enjoyed it. They didn’t even argue. (Which is nothing short of a miracle)

Our afternoon was spent helping fix fences. Warm enough to be comfortable in a long sleeved shirt, clear, sunny sky and a light breeze it was a bright day that our winter-weary souls have needed.

If you look closely you can see both girls here.

We got there, went to the creek fix the panel that had been washed out during last months floods. We continued checking and fixing up the steep hill, down the steep hill and up it again. Around the blackberry thickets, over the fallen logs. Spring is here and it’s good to see all the life. Plants have sprung back to life, wildlife skitter around. Turkey, rabbits and deer were spotted.

I caught a couple glimpses of the resident Bald Eagle. They are majestic birds. Not close enough to get a photo though.

The fencing is hard work. I sweated and my muscles are sore. But it is also tangible, useful and practical. It can be adequately accomplished in more than one way. You set out to do something and can watch it be completed. There is something so very satisfying about that.

So while we are tired, we are not that horrible bone-weary-hopeless-tired that plauges so many. We usually sleep soundly after a day of outdoor work.

Claire shows off her shell while Caroline is building something from sand

While Lynn and I worked the girls frolicked. They made sand angels on the creek banks. They found shells. Ran across the field re-creating the opening scene from Little House on the Prairie where Laura runs down the hill. They hid (where we could still see them… but don’t tell them that!) in the thicket and pretended to be wild animals. (Not far off from the truth there) They shrieked, they giggled, they shouted at the top of their lungs, they sang and explored holes in the ground. Collected turkey feathers and counted raccoon tracks.

Checking out a hole in the ground.

We all have sun-kissed faces and tired bodies, and more than a few scratches from brambles. No ticks. (I checked everyone just in case there were some out early this year)

I’m sitting on the couch typing away on my phone with a dozing Caroline on my shoulder. Claire is feverishly moving…when she stops the motion she will be asleep as well.

Goodnight friends – thanks for reading.

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