Local Food

I puttered around the kitchen today while the kids are taking a much needed nap. (they argued all morning) I realized that everything this house is making for Thanksgiving one of us had a hand in growing.

Roast Beef: A beef Lynn raised on feed that he grew

Creamed Corn: All 4 of us planted it in our garden together, all 4 of us helped pick it and put it up in the freezer. (I really need to learn how to can!)

Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cheesecake: The pumpkin grew in the garden and the eggs were from our chickens.

Obviously there are other ingredients that we did not grow, but I think it’s pretty neat that we were able to grow a lot of this ourselves.

I am feeling thankful for that… I’ll try to remember this feeling next harvest season.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!

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