Fall encouragement

Sometimes life wears you down.

The daily grind of our work schedules is tiring. Transporting kids, parenting, home upkeep, cooking, cleaning, just trying to keep up…well you know. You do it too.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to be refreshed. Dear family has made the effort to travel some pretty far distances to visit me.

From North Carolina my Aunt and Uncle came and stayed entirely too short of a time. They loved on the girls and encouraged Lynn and I. Even the dog got attention and fell in love with them. They fit seamlessly into our home and lives, and went to church with us. All of us felt thoroughly loved by them, and at least three of us cried in the driveway when they pulled out to go home.

From the “far away land” of Washington State came my cousin Carla. We laughed, had constant great conversation and laughed more until we couldn’t breathe. When she flew out I felt like I had gained a sister and a trusted confident.

I was able to take my leave from work to enjoy these visits.

And then more leave to spend fall break with my girls. Almost two full weeks in total.

The girls are fortunate enough to have doting grandparents they see nearly every day. They are crazy about their Memaw and Papaw…and coconspirators in a whole lot of mischief.

With time to breathe we were able to enjoy good friends every day and went to the zoo, to the mountains, rode horses, went out to eat, swam and went hiking.

The girls have so many people that love them, and I had time to look around and notice all the friends I am lucky enough to have.

Of course Lynn has been busy with fall harvest and hasn’t gotten a break…but when Mama’s happy…it makes the house run smoother.

It’s been a beautiful break. I’m a little sad that tomorrow we go back to our regular lives, but I’m refreshed and ready to tackle it with enthusiasm.

The girls are missing their friends at school and daycare and ready to “go learn”.

Have a great week friends. Remember to take time to enjoy what is important.

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3 thoughts on “Fall encouragement

  1. Your girls are so stinkin’ cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m glad to see you on social media. Its better than not at all!


    2. Your kids look so much like you and your sisters!


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