Sick, sick, always sick.

Life isn’t always easy.

I came down with a respiratory virus Friday, and by Saturday I couldn’t talk. (Which the girls seemed to enjoy)

Saturday night, Lynn started with the fever, chills and cough. Copycat.

Since those ole cattle still want to eat everyday, regardless…Off we went.

Caroline wanted to carry the ear taggers.

The reason the calves wear ear-tags is so that they can be matched with their mothers (cows sometimes get confused) so we know at a glance how old it is, and because all the health and genetic information correlates with the tag number.

You tell my husband a tag number he can tell you that animals birthday, its weight at birth, vaccinations it has had, health issues it has had and so on through its entire life.

 (He’s very detail oriented…Even if he didn’t notice my new nail polish)

It’s not a traumatic process for the calf, and the mama cow looks on carefully, ready to step in if she feels her calf is threatened. The majority of cows are fierce Mamas….I can relate to them there.

Always dramatic, Caroline threw a fit because she had to ride the 4-wheeler with me instead of riding on the “fun tractor” with Lynn.

Neither of us had the energy to deal with it. So Lynn gave her the stink eye. I’m proud of him, that is a dern good stink-eye.

Claire looks on smugly. Finally it’s not her in trouble.

The look quieted her down and she resigned herself to the “oh so tragic” fate of riding with me.

Lynn left Claire on the little tractor so the cows wouldn’t come over and investigate the tiny loud person. She loved every second of it.

There was a calf missing, so Caroline and I went to find it. It was on the other side of the shallow creek, and we might have gone across a bit faster than nessecary…And two more times across than nessecary to check the calf. (The calf was fine)

The fun had a positive impact on Caroline’s mood.

At the next rented farm, we all piled in the much bigger cab (enclosed) tractor.

When Lynn got out of the cab I sat in his seat….You know for a sans-makeup-or-brushed-hair selfie. I look exactly like I feel. Thank goodness for my sunglasses to hide behind.

Claire wanted in on the selfie action 

They get a little stir crazy.

Despite feeling less than good, Lynn took time to take each girl out and let her pet one of the gentler cows.

I opened a gate for the tractor to go through and while we waited for it to return I let (encouraged) the girls to run off some of their excess energy.


After we opened the last gate I got Claire to stay out and walk back to the truck with me. She sprinted ahead, you can see her behind the stopped tractor. 

One would think after all that the kids took a great nap today…But one would be wrong.

I am currently supervising them outside since it is a fabulous 72degrees today. They are barefoot in the backyard going down their slide headfirst….This is after I made them quit digging a sizeable hole in the yard with a garden trowel.(I also required them to refill said hole)

Say a prayer if you will for Lynn. He’s got a fever and chills and is wrapped up on the couch waiting to go back and feed again. Ain’t no rest for the wicked….Or the farmer.

Have a good, healthy week friends. I know I’m going to try my hardest to do just that.

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3 thoughts on “Sick, sick, always sick.

  1. wishing your husband a fast recovery. pics are awesome – get to learn farm life from your posts. keep them coming 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I want to get a nice camera one day, but until then I’m happy my smartphone takes decent pics.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think your smart phone is doing really good. I would not know if you had not told me. pics are really bright and of good resolution. BUT I hope you will get the camera you wish for sometime soon so that you can feel happy! :)))

        Liked by 1 person

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