Redneck cat feeder

We might go on vacation one day.

The livestock are covered, but how to make it easy for someone to check on the cat?

Amazon is my usual go to. So I looked it up there.$21.66 to feed and water the cat? 

“I can do better than that” I thought… annnnnddd Now it’s a challenge, and as the competitive sort I rarely back down from a challenge….even sometimes when it would be more prudent to do so. “Do it or die trying” was something I inherited from my Mema…and it appears that poor innocent Claire has inherited it from me. But I digress.

I looked around the house and low and behold, the trashcan beckoned to me. 

Two juice bottles. Ah ha! I can use these.

Poor Lynn came home from work for a short lunch break during this moment. Since we’ve been married for 11 years THIS COMING SATURDAY LYNN WATERS (hint hint, Kroger usually has a good selection of reasonably priced flowers, purple and yellow is a happy combination… Heck, I’ll even go with you to pick them out.) Anyway, since we’ve almost been married 11 years, he’s used to my crazy ideas and super-cheap ways and can almost control his eye rolling, or at least know to look away when he does it. 

He tucked the kids in for their nap since I was focused on the task at hand. (Hyperfocus anyone?? Ha!)

So with a box cutter (that I snapped in half) and then a steak knife I hacked at the juice bottles to make a cat feeder. 

Whaaa-lah! Here it is, in all its redneck glory. 

Top bottle
Bottom bottle
Get a scoop of cat food…(small scoop to make sure it works)
Stick those bad-boys together
Front view
Ta-daaa! Finished product. Next time I will fill it up more.

If I was doing it again, I’d make the cut more shallow on the top bottle so the cat food in the “dish” area would not be so deep. So get to drinking juice kids!! 

Overall I think it will work ok. 

The cat doesn’t care if it’s redneck, she just cares if there is food in it. 

When we have more bottles I’ll probably make a new modified top bottle. I will probably also make a redneck cat waterer. How’s the cat going to be fancy unless she has a matching set??

Anyway, y’all remind Lynn he has an ANNIVERSARY COMING UP soon. Please and Thanks. 


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