Don’t let the lunchable guilt get you down

Between work and other things we’ve traveled a lot here lately.

I feel like I’m playing catch up even more than usual. 

Usually, I make a concerted effort to get healthy (ish) lunches for the girls at daycare.

This week they started back to preschool full time. That means lunches every day. Lunches I must plan for.

Which brings me to this.

Yes. It’s a stack of  lunchables. I dont usually buy them, and if I do it’s just for one lunch. Because I read a study once about nitrates in lunch meat and it’s effect on brain development … or something. I don’t know. A lot of life has happened since I had time to read studies.

That stack of lunchables represents me coping with lifes craziness right now.(the poor deprived children will still get fruit with lunch and healthier breakfasts and dinners ) I’ve decided to be kind to myself and just roll with it this week. 

I will do better on next weeks lunches kids. I promise.



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