Who VBS helped this week.

My kids are at Vacation Bible School this week.

They are SO EXCITED.

Dinner, cool video and skit, fun lesson, kiddie crafts and…..BOUNCE HOUSES.
I mean, my kids would do a lot of things to play in a bounce house.

Because I got confused on the dates, I told the lady in charge that I couldn’t help. But then I realized I could have…but then I forgot to tell her. Sorry!

Anyway. I always thought when people worked with kids it was for the children. Makes sense.

But ya know…this week I’ve realized that working with children isn’t just for the kids, it may be an even bigger gift to the PARENTS.

As a Mama, it thrilled me that our church cared enough about the kids to feed them before VBS. (And I didn’t have to feed them. Yes. I’m that shallow…and tired)

It made me happy my girls came home excited about a new song they learned (I don’t know the words, but there was a ton of clapping and the word “bubbles” seemed to be the main theme)

They learned about the Bible, they jumped in bouncy houses, they admired the “cool big kid” that won the bicycle for memorizing the most Bible verses. They played with their friends until they were sweaty and then they crashed when I brought them home.

The amazing part for me, is they were so excited to go that I had ZERO mom-guilt for escaping kid-free for a couple hours. This was big. I’m a mom-guilt pro.

They learned a lot from VBS and I did too. It’s ok to let go and let my kids learn new things from other loving, trusted people.

Maybe that in my career working with kids, maybe – just maybe I can be able to make the lives of those parents better too like the “Ladies of VBS” did for me this week. I hope so.


Goodnight friends!


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