The Village

Besides my kids, I’m not genetically related to anyone in the state.

That made me lonely for a long time…I wanted to raise my kids in a “village” by which I mean looked after and loved by many.. And by loved, I mean loved enough to be corrected when they aren’t living up to their potential.

I prayed about the situation, felt sorry for myself, and tried to make friends. (Mostly felt sorry for myself)

Recently I had a chance to look around  and I noticed.
Friends that will correct my ratbabies firmly, gently and guide them the right direction.
Grandparents that love them fiercely just because. If my girls learn to see themselves through their eyes they will never want for self esteem.
Daycare/Preschool teachers that encourage and support only the best behavior, and my kids are learning to rise to that challenge.
Church friends that encourage, support and love on us, and teach Caroline and Claire about God’s love.
A warm, caring and loving father that loves them more than his few words can ever fully explain. Luckily his patience and good nature shout love, and it is visible how safe and special they feel when Lynn is around.

I realized this week, I’ve got my village. My girls are surrounded by kind souls that show them love, guide them and spoil them a little. As they grow, I feel so encouraged that all these people and all their collective wisdom will be helping us navigate the future. It makes being a mom a little less daunting.

AND I know that if they ever act a-fool in public when I’m not there, somebody is going to call me and report.

So thank you my not-genetically-related-to-me village for being my family. You are there when I need you most!

Thanks friends for reading.

Wild child, diva Claire. Lord help me.
Sweet, dramatic and meticulous Caroline

4 thoughts on “The Village

  1. And all of us following that send up prayers and know your sweet girls from afar extend the village boundaries. You’re more intertwined than you may feel.

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes I forget to look around and be thankful because I’m so busy doing what needs to be done in the crazy right now.


  2. thesmilingpilgrim May 31, 2016 — 9:38 pm

    Just the coolest looking girls ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jessicaorlena June 7, 2016 — 1:39 am

      Thank you!


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