The whining tree

So – my Caroline has random freak-outs.Think if you are being held hostage, except instead of a gun the bad guy is screaming, kicking, growling and gnashing while making unreasonable demands..but you can’t just “walk away from it”..and that’s pretty much it.

She can scream and fake cry for literally hours, until one of the following happens

A. She gets her way (I don’t want to encourage this rottenness so I make my best attempt to never let this happen.)

B. She gets distracted (very rare)

C. She decides she is finished.

I don’t know what to do. Punishment, bribes, and removing privileges don’t work. Neither does hugs and snuggles.

Typically she is demanding that Lynn return home from work. So…I can’t make that trigger stop because farmers gotta farm.

Sometimes, she throws fits over say ” I want ice cream”.

The only strategy I know to do is send her to a cool down spot to give what shreds of sanity I have left a break, and to let her mellow and decide she wants to stop.

Unfortunately I can’t handle angry screaming right next to me for long-drawn-out-amounts of time. It makes my heart rate fly up, my head pound and my patience die a painful death.

Enter: The Whining Tree.
It’s a part of the fenced in backyard that she is banished to where she can scream to her hearts content. (Sorry neighbors) She can climb it, dig in the dirt, throw sticks or kick the tree. Whatever. Just stay there until you finish, and quit screaming before you rejoin the family activities.

Caroline celebrating Mothers Day with a robust temper tantrum.

I am doing my best – and right now, this is the best idea I’ve got. If you have a better idea, I am all ears.

Obviously I don’t send her there in bad weather or after dark, or while I’m not monitoring her… but since it’s 75 and sunny with a light breeze today…well…you have to make use of your resources.

I love my sensitive, high strung, intelligent and Sweet Caroline. I don’t really like screaming though.

Have a wonderful Sunday friends.


4 thoughts on “The whining tree

  1. What baffles me is she obeys you to stay out there. When Kim was still an infant the doctor told me once, it’s okay for a baby to cry to sleep if the basic needs are met; dry diaper, well feed, burped, not sick, etc. He said it can be a stress reliever. That helped me immensely with having a new infant and no experience to stay calm thru the urgency of the crying.
    When she was a bit older (2 of course) she could throw a tantrum with the best of them. Typically, a tantrum is to gain attention and action, preferably the action they want. I read and tried the ignore -the= child tactic and was able to do it. The hardest part for me was when it wasn’t me she was bothering, but another person. I could get busy and block it out.
    Anyway, I”m rambling, but just remember, you are not alone in you journey with raising humankind, lol.


    1. jessicaorlena May 9, 2016 — 1:19 am

      Thanks. I think your Dr. Was right. It seems to release pent up emotions and big 4 year old feelings to tantrum.
      My instinct is to panic, and it makes me sweat to hear her. I’m sure she picks up on some of that too. It’s always fun to rattle moms cage! Ha-ha
      I make up this parenting thing as I go minute by minute!
      Thanks for your input – I appreciate it. Enjoy beautiful Florida for me!!!


  2. Absolutely love the idea! Hang in there, you aren’t alone, and it’s not only 4 year old. May have to send my 14 year old to a whining tree!


    1. jessicaorlena May 9, 2016 — 11:28 am

      Hahaha, a teenager at a whining tree. That mental picture cracks me us! Thanks for the encouragement.

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